Welcome to my website. This is where I write about what I am learning at the moment. A lot of it is probably boring and not all that well written, but hey, no one is forcing you to read it. I just needed an outlet/excuse to write some stuff. If anyone finds any of it beneficial that is totally a bonus. Feel free to peruse at your leisure or move on if this isn't the place for you. And if you have any feedback (preferably constructive), go ahead and send it to any of the links over there to the left. Thanks!

Recent Posts

Day 50 - 100 Days of Swift

10 minute read

Day 50 is the fifth consolidation day, where you reflect on projects 10 through 12. You review a couple of the key points covered in those projects and then ...

Day 49 - 100 Days of Swift

5 minute read

Day 49 is the second part of the twelfth project. Today you redo the work you did yesterday using Codable instead of NSCoding, which is a lot simpler. Then h...

Day 48 - 100 Days of Swift

3 minute read

Day 48 is the first part of the twelfth project. It is another technique project and the technique this time is saving data to the disk. The API you look at ...

Day 47 - 100 Days of Swift

3 minute read

Day 47 is the third part of the eleventh project. It is the challenge day. You add a particle emitter to give a little flair when a ball is destroyed. He cha...

Day 46 - 100 Days of Swift

8 minute read

Day 46 is the second part of the eleventh project. Today you get the game into a playable state. You add the slots that the balls will land in. You add a sco...