Welcome to my website. This is where I write about what I am learning at the moment. A lot of it is probably boring and not all that well written, but hey, no one is forcing you to read it. I just needed an outlet/excuse to write some stuff. If anyone finds any of it beneficial that is totally a bonus. Feel free to peruse at your leisure or move on if this isn't the place for you. And if you have any feedback (preferably constructive), go ahead and send it to any of the links over there to the left. Thanks!

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Day 26 - 100 Days of Swift

9 minute read

Day 26 is the review/challenge part of the fourth project. He gives you three challenges. Present an alert when users try to go to a url that isn’t allowed. ...

Day 25 - 100 Days of Swift

5 minute read

Day 25 is the second part of the fourth project. You extend the functionality of the basic web browser by adding a refresh button and a progress bar to the t...

Day 24 - 100 Days of Swift

4 minute read

Day 24 is the beginning of the fourth project, which is to build a simple web browser on top of Apple’s WebKit. You configure the view controller to have a W...

Day 23 - 100 Days of Swift

4 minute read

Day 23 is a consolidation day where you review the first three projects. You review a bunch of the material covered in the first three projects, but I won’t...

Day 22 - 100 Days of Swift

4 minute read

Day 22 is the third project day. It is a “technique” project, which focuses on one specific iOS technology in more depth than other projects. This first one ...