Welcome to my website. This is where I write about what I am learning at the moment. A lot of it is probably boring and not all that well written, but hey, no one is forcing you to read it. I just needed an outlet/excuse to write some stuff. If anyone finds any of it beneficial that is totally a bonus. Feel free to peruse at your leisure or move on if this isn't the place for you. And if you have any feedback (preferably constructive), go ahead and send it to any of the links over there to the left. Thanks!

Recent Posts

Day 21 - 100 Days of Swift

3 minute read

Day 21 is the third part of the second project. He gives you a couple of stretch challenges to work through on your own. You add the ability to display the c...

Day 20 - 100 Days of Swift

5 minute read

Day 20 is the second half of the “pick a flag” game. You update the askQuestion method to pick random flags and an answer. You add actions from the three but...

Day 19 - 100 Days of Swift

4 minute read

Day 19 is the first part of the second project. This project is a game where you are given the name of a country and you have to guess which of three display...

Day 18 - 100 Days of Swift

2 minute read

Day 18 is real simple. It is the wrap up for the the first project. He gives you a couple small challenges to work out on your own: make the title font on ea...

Day 17 - 100 Days of Swift

3 minute read

Day 17 is the second part of the first project. You add a detail screen to actually display the photos that the user. You add a detailViewController to handl...