Welcome to my website. This is where I write about what I am learning at the moment. A lot of it is probably boring and not all that well written, but hey, no one is forcing you to read it. I just needed an outlet/excuse to write some stuff. If anyone finds any of it beneficial that is totally a bonus. Feel free to peruse at your leisure or move on if this isn't the place for you. And if you have any feedback (preferably constructive), go ahead and send it to any of the links over there to the left. Thanks!

Recent Posts

Day 11 - 100 Days of Swift

5 minute read

Day 11 is about protocols and extensions. You look at how to define a protocol, and how one protocol can inherit from others.

Day 10 - 100 Days of Swift

5 minute read

Day 10 is about classes. You look at creating classes and inheriting from a parent class. You look at overriding the parent class’s methods and marking your ...

Day 9 - 100 Days of Swift

6 minute read

Day 9 is the second day about Structs. You look at initializing instances of your structs and how to create your own init function.

Day 8 - 100 Days of Swift

3 minute read

Day 8 is about structs. You look at creating your own structs, with their own properties.

Day 7 - 100 Days of Swift

5 minute read

Day 7 is the second day about closures. You look at using closures that accept parameters and return values as parameters themselves.